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Company Introduction

Startup established in 2014. In February 2017, he joined the umbrella of Glee. The Company's three main businesses are the advertising production business, the media business, and the commerce business. The media business operates MINE, the largest fashion video magazine in Japan. In the commerce business, we are developing private brands of “eimy istoire” and “ETRÉ TOKYO”. MINE exceeded 100 million replays per month and exceeded the total number of 2 million users. The women's apparel brand “eimy istoire” was created by MANAMI with approximately 200,000 followers in Instagram.It recorded 60 million yen. In addition, the lifestyle brand “ETRÉ TOKYO” opened a new store in the Kansai and Tokai area and recorded the highest sales per day on the first day. In March 2018, the company announced that it will collaborate with Kaizen Platform, which will effectively improve the UI of web services. In the video advertising market that is growing further in recent years, we will provide various solutions to the video advertising market using the company's specialized services and the knowledge of Kaizen Platform..


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Finance Information


Information of Estimated Market Capitalization

How to calculate Market Capitalization

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Estimated Market Capitalization Registered date of Registration Certification
2,365M Yen 2019.04.08

Funding Rounds and Amounts

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Rights Offering







Total Funding Amount
2,400M Yen
Funding Date Money Raised Lead Investor Investor Remarks
16.12.15 300M Yen - SEPTENI HOLDINGS other, multiple investors.
12.02.15 100M Yen - B Dash Ventures / LINE Ventures -
- -M Yen - Sato Yusuke Funding Date, Funding Amount Not Published
- 2,000M Yen - gumi ventures Total Investment
- -M Yen - East Ventures Funding Amount Unpubliced/Date Unknown

Financial Closing Information

Fiscal Year End Accounting Method Settlement Method Sales Operating Income Ordinary Income Retained Earnings Net Income
30.09.17 JapaneseStandard Independent 1,286M Yen -359M Yen -365M Yen -378M Yen 365M Yen
30.09.16 JapaneseStandard Independent -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen -685M Yen -510M Yen
31.08.15 JapaneseStandard Independent -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen -153M Yen -153M Yen

Stock Market Information

Listing Date Stock Market PER Market Capitalization
02.02.17 Private Company (Subsidiary) - -M Yen


Date Modified Type Remarks
02.02.17 M&A Sold to: GREE
Sold Amount: 4,300M Yen
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