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Company Introduction

Simplify the exchange of value. To a society where people in CEKAI can conduct optimal economic activities.

Tsuruoka Yuta was founded in 2012 as CEO. We are developing and operating EC sites, as well as smart phone settlement business. The company's service “BASE” is that the store can easily create its own site and post articles about products to the media that are linked. It is a service that provides opportunities for people who want to create an EC site but can not make it, and people who are developing small businesses. In February 2019, the number of shops opened exceeded 700,000. Taking advantage of this platform, we are also expanding into smartphone payment business, and we are developing payment business using smart phone payments and QR codes between individuals. It is one of the companies to pay attention to in the future smartphone payment business. The company continues to raise funds, raising ¥1.5 billion from the Global BRAIN and Money Forward in January 2018 and MARUI GROUP in April of the same year.We conducted capital and business alliances along with raising funds through third party allocations. In recent years, we have announced a partnership with Shinkin Central Bank, a business partnership with Tikugin TECHNO SYSTEM, and a service partnership with Glee.It is a policy that aims to further expand business opportunities in the wind.


* Information is obtained from the official website of the business.

* The game business companies display three major services.

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Finance Information

Information of Estimated Market Capitalization

How to calculate Market Capitalization

Although the information contained in the registered copy obtained by the Company is calculated as a reference value, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this information, and any damages incurred based on this information.We are not responsible for this.

Estimated Market Capitalization Registered date of Registration Certification
16,132M Yen 2019.07.25

Funding Rounds and Amounts

Icon Definition

Rights Offering







Total Funding Amount
4,956M Yen
Funding Date Money Raised Lead Investor Investor Remarks
17.04.18 983M Yen - SMBC Venture Capital / Suneight Investment / MARUI GROUP Calculate the amount from the registered information
04.01.18 1,500M Yen Global Brain Money Forward -
13.10.16 1,500M Yen - SBI Investment / SMBC Venture Capital / Suneight Investment -
04.01.16 450M Yen - Mercari
19.05.14 300M Yen - Global Brain -
01.10.13 200M Yen - CyberAgent Funding date unknown, end of October
17.01.13 23M Yen - East Ventures / partyfactory -

Financial Closing Information

Fiscal Year End Accounting Method Settlement Method Sales Operating Income Ordinary Income Retained Earnings Net Income
31.12.17 JapaneseStandard Independent 1,147M Yen -1,260M Yen -1,261M Yen -1,265M Yen -1,268M Yen
31.03.17 JapaneseStandard Independent -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen 160M Yen -160M Yen

Stock Market Information

Listing Date Stock Market PER Market Capitalization
- Private Company - -M Yen

Board Members

Tsuruoka Yuta

Chairman and CEO

Born in 1989. He was born in Oita Prefecture. My hobby is to watch the Internet I love. Attending high school, university and information school. Parents are managers. Work as an engineer intern at HyperInternets Inc., which performs the operation of jitsugen campfire. Paperboy & co. founder Ieiri Kazuma and Monozukuri collective Liberty started the direction of multiple services, backend programming in 2012 yearHe started the BASE project in August, launched BASE in November of the same year, and assumed the position of President of BASE Corporation in December.

Fujikawa Shinichi

EVP of Development

FA equipment manufacturer and web production venture to GMO Pepabo in 2006. While working as a producer in shopping mall service, he started developing and operating mobile Twitter client “Mobatsui” in 2007. After the transfer of Mobatui, Sousousha was established on November 6, 2012. Joining as the CTO of BASE Corporation after serving as the chief architect of TwitCasting at Moi Co., Ltd.

Yamamura Kenji

Director COO

Born in 1978, he was born in Kyoto Prefecture. After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, he joined Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2004. In charge of sales and product planning in the study business, 2009 “Keiko To Manabu .net” editor, 2010 joint purchase service “Pompalais” business (general manager and below GM) ofParticipated in the launch and promoted sales expansion throughout Japan. He then served as CS Promotion Department (GM) and EC Business Promotion Office (GM). Joined BASE Co., Ltd in January 2017 after planning new business such as “Choplier” and “Air Cashier”. Launch of the Customer Success team at BASE Business Division, which oversees the BASE e-commerce platform businessAs Division Manager of Business Division, he became a director of the company in June 2018 to strengthen its business and organizational structure.

Harada Ken

Directors CFO

After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Waseda University, he was responsible for accounting and finance at a major general contractor. Joins to mixi since 2007 and is responsible for accounting manager, business planning, etc. Joined Freakout Co., Ltd in 2013. He contributed to the company's IPO in June 2014 as a business management manager. After that, he promoted accounting and finance, business planning, and IR operations in general. In June 2015, he participated in BASE Co., Ltd. as a CFO and was responsible for overall corporate operations.

Kishimoto Koki

Executive officer

Jinguuji Masahito

Executive Officer

Kawaguchi Masaki

Executive Officer

Ieiri Kazuma

Outside Director

Utagawa Fumio


Akutsu Misao


Yamaguchi Yohei






















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