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Company Introduction

Founded by Satoshi Niino in 2003, DENTSU Group is a specialized advertising company in the digital field and an advertising agency specializing in Internet advertising. Initially, the company focused on search-linked advertising area. Currently, we are mainly developing operational Internet advertising, including display advertising and video advertising, leveraging the power of services built at the forefront of digital marketing. We also perform CRM measures utilizing search based ads, affiliate ads, retargeting ads, and social ads, and are developing services in a wide range of areas. By using the overwhelming service power in the digital domain, video advertising and mass advertising on YouTube are proud of the highest performance in Japan. It celebrated its 15th anniversary in July 2018. By working closely with leading advertising agencies such as DENTSU and ADK, client challenges are solved rather than radical. Aiming to be a leading company in digital marketing.

Finance Information

Financial Closing Information

Fiscal Year End Accounting Method Settlement Method Sales Operating Income Ordinary Income Retained Earnings Net Income
31.12.18 JapaneseStandard Independent -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen 1,073M Yen 100M Yen
31.12.17 JapaneseStandard Independent -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen 4,820M Yen 960M Yen

Stock Market Information

Listing Date Stock Market PER Market Capitalization
- Private Company (Subsidiary) - -M Yen