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Company Introduction

Creating a hospital where staff works lively

Ishimatsu Hiroaki has established student medical support NGO-GRAPHIS-at Tokyo Medical University, after graduation received Kenshu at Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital and experienced as a physician.A company founded in 2013 with doubts about the business and operation system of hospitals. We provide support tools to facilitate the business and communication of medical institutions. Dr.JOY is a closed SNS and groupware specializing in medical institutions. While the information in the hospital is not available to the outside, a closed environment is required, the work is hindering by a large amount of paper materials, and communication is not carried out smoothly. On the other hand, “Dr.JOY” can share information smoothly in the hospital, while significantly improving business, “MR cooperation” connecting hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, and “pharmaceutical cooperation” connecting hospital pharmaceutical department and pharmacy.It is a tool that plays a major role in improving the work of the hospital. The company's services have been successfully incorporated in 2016 and were introduced to more than 1800 healthcare institutions nationwide in one year of release. The company also financed a total of 280 million yen and expected further expansion of its business in the future.


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Finance Information

Information of Estimated Market Capitalization

How to calculate Market Capitalization

Although the information contained in the registered copy obtained by the Company is calculated as a reference value, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this information, and any damages incurred based on this information.We are not responsible for this.

Estimated Market Capitalization Registered date of Registration Certification
6,888M Yen 2019.06.11

Funding Rounds and Amounts

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Rights Offering







Total Funding Amount
500M Yen
Funding Date Money Raised Lead Investor Investor Remarks
01.08.17 -M Yen - Unknown date/Unknown procurement amount / Unknown underwriting
01.09.16 350M Yen - SBI Holdings / ITOCHU Corporation / DENTSU Unknown Date
01.07.15 150M Yen - Femto Partners Unknown Date

Financial Closing Information

Fiscal Year End Accounting Method Settlement Method Sales Operating Income Ordinary Income Retained Earnings Net Income
31.10.16 JapaneseStandard Independent -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen -246M Yen -173M Yen

Stock Market Information

Listing Date Stock Market PER Market Capitalization
- Private Company - -M Yen

Board Members

Ishimatsu Hiroaki

President & CEO

Graduated from Tokyo Medical University. Launched student medical support NGO-GRAPHIS-. Leader of 300 university students. Established Dr.JOY in 2013.







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