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Company Introduction

Contribute to the healthy operation of computer society by creating world-class Securite research teams

A company founded in 2007 by Ukai Yuji, a world-renowned Securite researcher who has worked for a Securite company in the United States. In 2014, he was listed on the TSE Mothers. Even nowadays, many important information and personal information have already been exchanged over the Internet, but it is believed that in the future, more things will be connected to the Internet. On the other hand, concerns for Securite are very large, and the information Securite market is also growing. According to the Japan Network Securite Association, the size of the Information Securite market was 84.2.8 billion yen in 2014, but the forecast for fiscal 2017 is close to 1 trillion yen. The company is a leading company in research and product development of Securite core technologies among its growing markets, and has already developed many Securite tools and services. We believe that we will continue to expand our business by specializing in the information securite field.


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Finance Information


Funding Rounds and Amounts

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Rights Offering







Total Funding Amount
96M Yen
Funding Date Money Raised Lead Investor Investor Remarks
31.08.11 96M Yen - NRI SecureTechnologies

Financial Closing Information

Fiscal Year End Accounting Method Settlement Method Sales Operating Income Ordinary Income Retained Earnings Net Income
31.03.19 JapaneseStandard Consolidate 1,651M Yen 284M Yen 282M Yen -M Yen 203M Yen
31.03.18 JapaneseStandard Consolidate 1,673M Yen 309M Yen 309M Yen -M Yen 222M Yen
31.03.17 JapaneseStandard Independent 1,471M Yen 257M Yen 258M Yen -M Yen 271M Yen
31.03.16 JapaneseStandard Independent 948M Yen -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen -M Yen
31.03.15 JapaneseStandard Independent 876M Yen 256M Yen 241M Yen -M Yen 171M Yen
31.03.14 JapaneseStandard Independent 660M Yen 171M Yen 172M Yen -M Yen 115M Yen

Stock Market Information

Listing Date Stock Market PER Market Capitalization
30.09.14 Mothers 111.19 26,126M Yen


Date Modified Type Remarks
30.09.14 IPO PER (initial value): 58.94
Market Capitalization (initial value): 7,394M Yen

Major Shareholders during IPO

Shareholder Shareholding Ratio
Ukai Yuji 26.69%
Kanai Ryoji 21.78%
NRI SecureTechnologies 12.86%
JAFCO 6.43%
⼤和企業投資1 6.43%
Shareholder Shareholding Ratio
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital 6.27%
Tanaka Shigeki 2.97%
Murakami Junichi 2.17%
Ishiyama Toshiaki 1.85%

Board Members

Ishiyama Toshiaki

Executive officer

Umehashi Kazumi

Executive officer

Nagata Tetsuya

Executive officer

Matsuki Takahiro

Executive officer

Kawahara Ichiro

Executive officer

Otsuka Naoya

Executive officer

Shimohigoshi Kazutaka

Outside Directors (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)

Takahashi Ikuo

Outside Directors (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)

Matsumoto Tsutomu

Outside Directors (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)