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Company Introduction

A company that has been involved in the payment business since its inception in 1999. It became a consolidated subsidiary in 2010 and is now a company in the GMO Internet Group. The main axis of the business is the payment agency business. Payment agency services allow you to implement multiple settlements such as credit payment, mobile carrier payment, and convenience store payment in a single contract and system. For consumers, it is better to have multiple payment methods, but as a store side, it is very inefficient because each settlement must be applied and managed for each settlement. The service exists in order to eliminate the inconvenience. Japan is said to be late in cashless, but according to JCB, credit card retention rate was very high at 84.2% in fiscal 2016. In cashless, which is expected to increase in the future, the credit card usage hurdle is low due to possession, so there is still plenty of room for expansion in the future. The company provides services in its field and continues to expand its business. According to IR data from the Group's GMO Payment Gateway, the settlement agency business is expected to exceed JPY 15 billion, which is expected to be + 26.7% year-on-year. In a market that is expected to expand in the future, it is expected to expand business around the settlement agency business.


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Finance Information


Funding Rounds and Amounts

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Total Funding Amount
-M Yen
Funding Date Money Raised Lead Investor Investor Remarks
01.01.00 -M Yen - INES Funding Amount Not Published
- -M Yen - Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Funding Amount Undisclosed / Funding Date Unknown

Financial Closing Information

Fiscal Year End Accounting Method Settlement Method Sales Operating Income Ordinary Income Retained Earnings Net Income
30.09.18 JapaneseStandard Independent 1,314M Yen 103M Yen 103M Yen 273M Yen 66M Yen

Stock Market Information

Listing Date Stock Market PER Market Capitalization
22.08.18 Private Company (Subsidiary) - -M Yen


Date Modified Type Remarks
22.08.18 M&A Sold to: GMO Payment Gateway
Sold Amount: -M Yen
77753 share/65.0%


Acquisition Date Organization Name Acquisition Price Remarks
2018.08.22 Global Card System -M Yen 1000 shares/all shares transferred